Jen-Feng Chung(鍾仁峰), Ph.D.
Office: Room 706, Microelectronics & Information Systems Research Building
Phone: 886-03-5712121 (#54460 or #54302)

About Course (Syllabus)

Place: ED102 (13:30~14:20) / EC222 (14:30~16:30)
Time: Tue 13:30 ~ 16:30

T.A.: Yu-De Wang (王有德)
Phone: 886-03-5712121 (#59271)


1. Students learn to use development environment of ADI(Analog Device Inc.) Blackfin DSP and to perform programming in multimedia applications.
2. Introdue to development tool, VisualDSP++, and let you know how to perform compiler and debugger with the development board of BF533 EZ-Kit Lite.
3. The purpose of this course can help you to design and to develop an embedded system with Blackfin.


1. Introduction to ADI Blackfin Processor Ez-Kit Lite
2. Introduction to IDE Development tool - VisualDSP++
3. How to use VisualDSP++ to Build, Compile, and Simulate Programs
4. Use the Ez-Kit Lite to Perform and Debug Programs
5. Programming 1: Serial Communication Interface - UART
6. Programming 2: Audio I/O Signal Processing
7. Programming 3: Video I/O Signal Processing
8. Final Project


1. Lab practice and DEMO 50%
2. Final project 40%
3. Presence 10%

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