CNN Group @ NCTU is a special troop of Intelligence Media Laboratory. We are going to discover the essential of Cellular Neural/Nonlinear Networks (CNN) and its applications. We focused on image-based application of CNN and others.

Our organization can be separated into three parts; Inference System, Early Vision, and Intelligence IC. Following is the short description of those three parts.


Inference System


The goal of Inference System is tried to design a CNN-Based Inference System. Based on CNN・s ability, we are tried to reproduce the behavior of human・s brain.

We are very experienced on intelligence computing area. Our research covered the Neural and Fuzzy Systems, Support Vector Machines, and others. Based on such experiment, we image a CNN-Based Inference System, which can provide a real-time, human-like inference system. On other hand, we are tried to duplicate human・s brain by CNN.


Early Vision


Human・s early vision system is an interesting area. This research is based on vision science and medicine. Based on the properties of human・s eyes, we are able to implement the vision enhancement system. We have published some results in this area. A new technology we called :CNN-Based Retinex; have been submitted to famous conference of the world already.


Intelligence IC


Based on above two parts, we are also planed to develop the hardware. The goal is tried to implement the Inference System and Early Vision architecture on an analog chip.